About Us

Our mission is to build a large, active and empowered patient community by establishing Manifest as a leading provider of advanced prosthetic, orthotic, and bionic solutions.

Our vision is to elevate is to elevate the prosthetic and orthotic experience by bringing like-minded individuals together with a common purpose; providing elite and encompassing care for our patients.

Our goal is to create lifelong bonds, partnerships and real impact on the lives of the people we serve and the people who help us serve them - relationships matter, commitment matters, we build strength by building community.

Our values are simple: Fit is imperative, if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t get used. Function is the second first imperative, if it doesn’t function in a beneficial manner, it doesn’t get used. Fashion is inspiring, so we strive to create devices that inspire you to let your mind wander, dream, and manifest.


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