Paula Gomez

President, CPO

(813) 801-9110
(813) 801-9048 (fax)

Paula was born into the fields of prosthetics and orthotics; her parents own the oldest O&P clinic in Colombia, located in the city of Bogota.  She was taught early on what it takes to provide the best patient care in difficult circumstances. Being around amputees and other disabled persons as a child served as the inspiration that manifested into a productive, patient-centric career.

Paula achieved multiple degrees and high honors during her career pathway, ultimately culminating in her Masters of Prosthetics and Orthotics from St. Petersburg College. Paula became an established and recognized clinician throughout her career by running multiple offices in Chicago, helping to grow the international presence of a major manufacturer, and creating a prosthetics and orthotics division for an international surgical center known for prosthetic innovations and osseointegration.  

Manifest Prosthetics and Orthotics represents the culmination of her many experiences, and her overwhelming need to create a place where patients receive the highest level of care, with the best made O&P devices, in a place they feel welcome and inspires them to manifest the best version of themselves!


Gordon Maniere


(813) 801-9110
(813) 801-9048 (fax)

A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom, Gordon has dedicated his life to prosthetics and patient care.  Gordon grew inspiration for prosthetics early on; his father is a below-knee amputee and taught him prosthetics at a young age, Gordon made his first leg at the early age of 14! 

Gordon joined the United States Air Force in 2004 where he served as a cardiopulmonary technician and combat medic during OIF/OEF, he learned a ton about patient care and the will to achieve in extraordinary conditions during his time in the military. He was decorated and honorably discharged, while simultaneously earning his bachelor’s degree in biology, being published in 3 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and getting accepted into Northwestern University; where he would go on to earn his certificate in prosthetics and achieve the highest level of prosthetic certification in the world.  Gordon has been developing his skills, taking on the hardest cases, growing prolific teams, and building patient care principles since first working in prosthetics as a professional in 2008. 

Manifest Prosthetics and Orthotics represents a lifetime of hard work and commitment to fabrication details, a passion for innovating solutions that solve real patient problems, a thirst for knowledge that grows where the technology goes, and a relentless commitment to improving our patients' lives.


Loi Kahle

Certified Prosthetist Extraordinaire

(813) 801-9110
(813) 801-9048 (fax)

Loi was born an above-knee amputee, her limb difference created a fire and passion inside her for achieving. She used this passion throughout her life to defy the accepted norms for amputees, such as running track for the University of South Florida, becoming the #1 women’s amputee climber in the world and working on several peer-reviewed prosthetic publications. Loi has worked professionally in the field for over 15 years, ran several clinics of her own and Manifest was fortunate to be able to bring her along on our journey to bring superior products and patient care to our patient community.

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